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Left image: Emon “Moses” Harper, right image: Anna Elizabeth Young

79-year-old Anna Elizabeth Young has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of two children during the 1980’s.


Young a former cult leader, was charged with second degree murder in the death of Emon “Moses” Harper. Prior to his death, Harper’s mother gave him up to the “House of Prayer for All People” cult located in Micanopy, Florida. It is believed that Harper died during their custody around 1988 after being locked inside a closet deprived of food and water.


Although Harper’s remains were never found, cult members reported to authorities that he died from severe abuse and neglect. The members also allege, that it was Young who had ordered Harper’s body to be burned in a barrel.


In addition to the murder of Harper, Young is also accused of manslaughter for the death of Katonya Jackson, who died being denied medication for abuse induced seizures, according to a WCJB reports. These instances only a fraction of the horror Young inflicted over the decades.


Young was apprehended back in 2016, after her daughter Joy Fluker reported her to authorities. These initial charges were with an unrelated count of felony child abuse. Young’s 12-year-old victim allegedly carried burns after she bathed her in a steel tub with chemicals, according to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia.

Pictured: Joy Fluker and a photo of she and her mother (Young)


Riddled with guilt, Fluker told the court that she made the decision to report these decade long atrocities executed at the House of Prayer, including the loss of young Harper’s life.


Known to her followers as “Mother Anna”, Young was the leader of the House of Prayer during the 1980’s. During its prime, the cult had amassed 25 members. It is reported that during this time she began a “religious boarding school”. It was under this rouse, that Young had committed numerous acts of abuse against young children and cult followers, who were beat and tortured for their “sins”.


This past Wednesday, Young pleaded no contest to both her murder and manslaughter charges. Her remaining charges have been dropped. She will serve 30 years in prison for Harper’s murder and 15 years in the manslaughter death of Jackson. Each sentence will be served consecutively.

Read the disturbing details of Young’s sinister evolution here. The accounts from life prior to Young’s sentence as told through the eyes of her daughter, Joy Fluker.

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