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A Miami, Florida, lawyer’s pants went up in flames during a 2017 arson trial. If you’re not familiar with arson, it is the act of deliberately setting fire to something, usually property. The Miami lawyer, Stephen Gutierrez, was representing a man who was accused of setting his car on fire for insurance money when his pants spontaneously burst into flames. Gutierrez blamed a faulty battery in his electronic cigarette for igniting in his pocket at a coincidental time, but investigators believe he is a liar, liar, pants on fire. They believed it was a stunt to illustrate the feasibility of his spontaneous combustion theory of defense.

So, why is this case relevant right now? The national and international headliner was pulled over on February 15, 2021, for a broken headlight. The officer noted a bulge in Gutierrez’s pocket, which he thought was a knife. The bulge turned out to be a cylinder container with a bag of white powder inside. As the officer inspected the substance, Gutierrez blurted out, “That’s cocaine.”

Consequently, Gutierrez was arrested and taken to jail. His license to practice law was revoked.

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