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Scott Miller, 45, a former Australian swimmer, was arrested on drug charges during a raid on his home in Sydney this past Tuesday. Sydney police are alleging the Olympian is the head of a drug syndicate that is supplying methamphetamines all across New South Wales state.


In a police statement regarding the arrests, detectives charged two men involved as part of an ongoing investigation into a surplus of more than 2 million Australian dollars ($1.56 million USD) worth of meth concealed candies.


The arrest of Miller is a small cog in a vast drug operation. Just earlier this year, New South Wales authorities began an investigation on a criminal syndicate involved in the production of illicit drugs, mainly methamphetamines,


During the raid on Miller’s Sydney home in Rozelle, authorities obtained one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of heroin that totaled $250,000 Australian dollars ($195,000 USD) in street value. They also seized burner phones, various documents, and smaller quantities of drugs, which will undergo forensic examination.


Miller was implicated in one of the obtained documents. Simply being referred to as, “the Rozelle man” and placed him with supplying the drugs and overseeing the criminal organization.


According to Detective John Watson in a statement obtained by Nine News, “He (Miller) is calling the shots, he is the head of that syndicate and others are working under his instructions.


There will be more charges expected as investigations continue.


Miller began professionally competing internationally in 1994 and took home two medals, a silver and bronze, during the 1996 Summer Olympics.


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