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After nearly one year in quarantine, the Zoom fatigue is really starting to set in— so why not spice up your virtual hang-outs with some challenging true crime trivia! Do you know all about the most infamous serial killers in history? What about the whacky headlines we see on the news today? Regardless of your knowledge base, this 20-question trivia set has everything a die-hard true crime fan could ask for.

  1. Charles Manson’s delusions of a race war were inspired by what Beatles song? (Helter Skelter)
  2. What was serial killer Ed Gein famously obsessed with and what films did this M.O. inspire? (Human skin; The Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Psycho)
  3. What serial killer famously turned himself in but wasn’t initially believed by the police? BONUS: What crimes did he confess to? (Ed Kemper; killing his mother and her friend)
  4. During the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, a man owned a “murder hotel” that was outfitted with numerous torture devices— who was he? (H.H. Holmes)
  5. What was the name of John Wayne Gacy’s clown persona? (Pogo)
  6. Can you name the monikers that Albert Fish was given in light of his vicious crimes? (The Brooklyn Vampire, The Boogey Man, and The Werewolf of Wysteria)
  7. What is the given name of the infamous Night Stalker? (Richard Ramirez)
  8. What was the name of the album that Charles Manson released after he was put behind bars? (Lie: The Love and Terror Cult)
  9. What serial killer claimed that his shooting attacks were merely the result of obeying the orders of a demon that had manifested in the form of his neighbor’s dog? (David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam)
  10. What does BTK stand for? BONUS: Who was the “BTK Killer?” (Blind, torture, kill; Dennis Rader)
  11. What serial killer helped authorities profile the Green River Killer and ultimately aided in bringing him to justice? (Ted Bundy)
  12. What serial killer appeared on a dating show in the 1970s? BONUS: What was the name of the show? (Rodney Alcala; The Dating Game)
  13. Who was convicted of kidnapping Charles Lindbergh’s baby? (Bruno Richard Hauptmann)
  14. What real-life murderer inspired the elusive on-screen villain Keyser Söze from the film The Usual Suspects? (John List)
  15. Alejandro Alirez shot his girlfriend to death while live-streaming on what social media platform? (Facebook)
  16. Two followers of a doomsday cult called Preparing a People was at the center of a string of suspicious deaths including their own children— who are they? (Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow)
  17. What is the name of the serial killer who famously drew detailed sketches of the women that he murdered? BONUS: How did these pictures end up aiding investigators? (Samuel Little; investigators were able to solve cold cases based on the drawings of the victims)
  18. This multiple-murderer traveled for work, and buried “kill kits” in various locations across America to use on future victims— who was it? (Israel Keyes)
  19. This evasive monster made a habit out of breaking into the homes of couples, making the woman tie up the man. He would stack dishes on top of the man’s back and threaten to kill everyone if he heard the dishes fall. Despite having a few monikers, what was his full, given name? (Joseph DeAngelo)
  20. One notorious killer that was already mentioned in this trivia list has been eligible for parole since 2002. However, despite claiming that he is of no risk to society, this man  has routinely asked not to be released from prison (or has just skipped his parole hearings altogether). What is his name? (David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam

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