Woman Accused of 2nd Degree Murder and Animal Cruelty


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An Oklahoma woman is accused of second degree murder after a body was found on her property Friday. Additionally, investigators found a suspected puppy mill with 165 dogs living in terrible conditions.

Police arrested Karen Pritchard, 49, after conducting a welfare check. They received a call that someone was either killed or injured on Pritchard’s property. Police found the body of Ashley Anderson, 31, along with 165 dogs living in small cages with no food or water.

According to KFOR, Anderson is believed to have lived on the property and cared for the dogs. Anderson appeared to have suffered blunt force trauma.

Members of the Stephens County Humane Society arrived to the house and found the dogs living in “rancid” conditions. They were kept in cages stacked one on top of the other, filthy and scared. The Humane Society took the dogs to veterinary clinics and kennels where they are currently being cared for.


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