Bags Containing Body Parts Found In Mexico


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Police found eighteen plastic bags containing hacked-up body parts on the outskirts of a city in Mexico.

According to Sky News, police found one human limb near a motorway in Guadalajara. After finding this, it then led them to a pile of taped-up bags nearby. In the past week, ten people have been killed, six people injured and one kidnapped in the city. Jalisco governor, Enrique Alfara, claims violence in the country is due to organised crime groups wanting to instil fear.

In November 2020, police recovered 113 bodies and further human remains from a secret grave in El Salto, just outside Guadalajara. Currently, no evidence connects the limbs in the plastic bags to this situation.

The state is home to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful violent organisations. For many years, the cartel have been fighting a breakaway faction around Guadalajara.

Pathologists are examining the severed limbs to determine how many corpses they belong to. But at the time of publishing, police are yet to report where the bodies came from.

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