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Sheffield Crown Court charged prime suspect, Pawel Relowicz, in the Libby Squire murder case with the victim’s rape and murder.

According to BBC News, Relowicz, 26, spent the night of January 31 2019 driving around looking for women to attack. CCTV footage of the former butcher and Squire proved crucial in bringing the case to court. Relowicz found an extremely drunk Libby Squire, 21, who was walking home after being turned away from a nightclub. He then drove the University of Hull student to Oak Road playing fields, where he carried out the attack. Witnesses reported screams from the playing fields on the night the student disappeared.

Police carried out a two month search and later found Squire’s body in the River Hull in the Humber Estuary. Pathologists are unable to establish how Squire died. There are still questions whether she was alive before entering the water.

The married father-of-two repeatedly lied to the police and his wife concerning the events of January 31. However, DNA evidence on Squire’s body proved that Relowicz had lied about not engaging in sexual relations with the victim. Relowicz later stated he had consensual sex with Squire, and only lied to prevent his wife from discovering his infidelity.

Jurors found him guilty of rape and murder, with a majority verdict of 11 to 1. As the jury read out the verdict, the defendant was emotionless. Lisa Squire wept and states that the conviction “changes nothing for us, there is no closure”. Libby’s mother pays tribute to her “beautiful, caring, wonderful girl.’

Relowicz also has previous convictions of voyeurism, performing sex acts in public, and stealing sex toys and underwear from women’s homes. After Relowicz’s arrest, Humberside Police realised Relowicz’s involvement in nine sexual offences against female students over the previous 18 months. A previous victim of Relowicz’s sexual offences, stated that Squire’s death could have been prevented if the University of Hull students knew someone was targeting them.

According to Detective Superintendent Martin Smalley, he is “satisfied” with how the Humberside Police carried out the investigation. Detective Smalley further states his officers “acted quickly” within days of Squire’s disappearance. But director of the charity End Violence Against Women Coalition, Andrea Simon, has called for an investigation into why students were not forewarned of Relowicz’s offences.

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