Florida Man Friday: The Ultimate Tattoo


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This Florida Man didn’t necessarily do anything crazy, but instead, it was his mugshot that caught my eye. The mugshot of the man is pictured below, but first, a little backstory.

Matthew Leatham, 22, was arrested on January 31st after calling 911 four times between 3:17 a.m. and 4:22 a.m. He wanted a ride home, but when the dispatcher offered to call him a taxi, he refused and stated that he had no money. Leatham was reportedly inebriated, as he confessed to dispatch. Once police arrived, Leatham was searched only for police to find a small amount of marijuana. Leatham stated he did not know what it was.

Leatham was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors: misuse of 911 and possession of marijuana. He was released the day after on a $300 bond.

A quick reminder to all my fellow Floridians out there; 911 is not a free taxi service.

Now presenting Florida Man himself, Matthew Leatham:














When all is said and done, the tattoo artist actually did a really good job.

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