95-Year-Old Allegedly Killed Assisted Living Facility Employee Over $200


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A 95-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder after shooting a maintenance worker at his Colorado care home.

Okey Payne allegedly shot Ricardo Medina-Rojas at Legacy Assisted Living in the city of Lafayette on February 3.

According to an affidavit, Payne claims that employees at the facility have been stealing from him since October 2019.

Payne had been sitting in the lobby thinking of ways to stop the thieves when he saw Medina-Rojas arrive for work and decided to shoot him.

He also believed that he was being drugged by staff due to needle marks he found on his toe. Investigators have not found any evidence to support these claims.

Two people tried to help Medina-Rojas, who had been shot in the head, when Payne waved his handgun at them.

He also been charged with two counts of menacing with a weapon in addition to the murder count.

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