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Anthony Sowell, also known in the media as the “Cleveland Strangler” died Monday. He was convicted of killing eleven women between 2007 and 2009.

Police found eleven bodies on Sowell’s property while investigating a sexual assault accusation against him.

“Not a pretty sight inside the home. I stood outside the home for about an hour and the stench from inside was overwhelming.” Said Cleveland Police spokesman Thomas Stacho of the crime scene.

in 2011, Sowell was convicted for all eleven murderers along with numerous other offenses like corpse abuse, tampering with evidence, kidnapping and rape. In total, he was convicted on 81 counts and sentenced to death.

He died at the Ohio prison system’s Franklin Medical Center of an undisclosed terminal illness.

The eleven women who lost their lives to Sowell.

The victims found at Sowell’s residence were identified as Tonia Carmichael, Nancy Cobbs, Tishana Culver, Crystal Dozier, Telacia Fortson, Amelda Hunter, Leshanda Long, Michelle Mason, Kim Yvette Smith, Diane Turner, and Janice Webb.

“I am glad he is dead. God made it happen. I will never ever ever forgive him.” Said Donnita Carmichael, daughter of Tonia Carmichael, to Fox 8.

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