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Attorneys charged a former Nazi guard with accessory to murder in relation to his World War II service in Germany.

The 100-year-old man allegedly served at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Berlin from 1942-1945. The camp held over 200,000 prisoners during operation, and killed an estimated 50,000. Due to a 2011 legal precedent, anyone who helped run a Nazi camp during World War II can be charged with accessory to murder.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors charged the man with 3,518 counts of accessory to murder. Despite his age, the court upholds that he is fit for trial.

“The advanced age of the defendants is no excuse to ignore them and allow them to live in the peace and tranquility they denied their victims,” Efraim Zuroff said. Zuroff is the chief Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, California.

Previously, prosecutors needed to provide evidence from specific killings in Nazi trials. Now, they can fall back on the 2011 precedent in order to bring justice to the victims of the Holocaust. The man’s identity has not been released in compliance with German privacy laws.


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