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Just one day after reporting her missing, authorities arrested Jonathan Greyblood on Sunday under the suspicion that he killed his wife Jeanine.

According to the Little Falls Police Department, the 37-year-old Minnesota resident disappeared around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Greyblood, 30, alleges that his wife had left their home on foot but noted that she was not dressed for the sub-zero temperatures outside. Greyblood called the police early Saturday morning to report Jeannine missing.

On Sunday afternoon, authorities discovered Jeanine’s body in an unspecified area just south of Little Falls. Less than 20 minutes later, police arrested her husband. Detectives have yet to disclose where Jeanine’s body was specifically found or what circumstances led them to her remains. Nonetheless, a police statement revealed that Jeanine was found “deceased under suspicious circumstances.”

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause and manner of Jeanine’s death. Greyblood is currently being held under the suspicion that he committed second-degree murder, but he will not be formally charged until later this week.

This investigation is ongoing and several agencies are assisting with the case, including the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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