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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So here is MMN’s top five Valentine’s Day gifts for someone you love.

  1. Personalised Cereal Killer Spoon

You can find this spoon on and I absolutely love it! Personalise the item by putting your partner’s name on it and let this punny piece of crockery make your little or big spoon smile on Valentine’s day.

  1. Bloody Alphabet Colouring Book

Sunday afternoons colouring in this adult A-Z colouring book of some of the scariest serial killers known to us MMNsters. The symbolism inside this book links the world’s worst killers to their crimes and provides endless hours of entertaining relaxation for you and your partner.

  1. Unsolved Case Files Game

This game is perfect for all true crime addicts by allowing you – and your partner if you are willing to share – to take the role of a cold case detective. With over 50 different documents and photos, both you and your partner can work together and spend valentine’s day cracking the case. It will beat watching a true-crime documentary date night any day – this time you take charge!

  1. Stupid Deaths Card Game

This game is perfect for those with a dark sense of humour. Players must race against death itself – the Grim Reaper – and decide which of these deaths are fact and which are fiction. For you true MMNsters, the game will be a fun challenge to all your true crime knowledge. But watch out, not every stupid death is as unbelievable as you may think.

  1. Shh..I’m Listening to True Crime Podcasts Mug

This mug is a great gift to give your crime obsessed loved one – especially those that can’t stop listening to podcasts and watching documentaries. In fact, if you’re not a true crime fan yourself, this gift will be perfect for your partner. Now you’ll know when to leave them alone, without them telling you to do so. We need silence to listen to our favourite podcasts!

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