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A mother and daughter were stabbed to death in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Police later announced a further death after a man was killed in a crash. The incidents are suspected to be a double murder-suicide.

At 19:45 on February 4, police received reports of a knife attack in the car park at Crosshouse hospital in Kilmarnock. The victim, Emma Robertson Coupland, worked for the NHS and was a mother of four. The 39-year-old died at the scene, despite being treated by emergency services.

Around 20 minutes later, police responded to reports of a second knife attack two miles away from the first attack in the city centre. The victim was Emma’s daughter, Nicole Anderson, aged 24. Emergency services rushed Anderson to Crosshouse hospital, where she died. Anderson leaves behind her fiancee, Vicky, as the family mourn the loss of the mother and daughter.

At 20:30pm, a 40-year-old man died in a fatal crash around 12 miles south of Kilmarnock. Emergency services pronounced the man dead at the scene. Police think all three incidents are connected; therefore, the man remains unnamed. All three deaths resulted in a three-hour lockdown of Crosshouse hospital in fears of a further attack.

Scottish Police claim they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the three deaths. According to the BBC, there are no further threats to the community. However, there remains a large police presence in the hospital grounds. Several roads in the area near Portland Street, where the second attack took place, also remain closed.

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