NorCal Parents Arrested for Torture and Poisoning of 11-year-old-boy


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The parents of an 11-year-old-boy, Roman Lopez, have been arrested in connection with his death in January 2020. According to the Placerville Police Department, Lopez’s 36-year-old father, Jordan Piper, has been charged with failure to provide for a child, along with child abuse and torture. Stepmother of Lopez, Lindsay Piper, 38, is charged with poisoning, child abuse, and torture. The pair was arrested Wednesday night in Calaveras County, California, per KTXL Sacramento.


Placerville Police Chief Joseph Wren said in a statement, “We have evidence that proves each of the crimes beyond a reasonable doubt they were arrested for.


In January 2020, Lopez was found dead in the basement of his father’s home after being reported missing.


An initial search of the house did not provide clues to the young boy’s whereabouts. However, after a second, more thorough search, Placerville authorities found Roman’s body inside a storage bin in the family’s home.


It was revealed that there were seven additional children whose ages range from 1 to 14 years old who were also residing at the home during Roman’s death. Police did not comment further on their cases, aside stating Child Protective Services had been involved.


Further details are still being revealed in the murder of Roman Lopez.

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