Florida Man Friday: Man Creates GoFundMe To Flee Country


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On this installment of Florida Man Friday, I present to you an accused child sex offender asking for money on the internet so that he can flee the country. Yeah, you read that right. The absurdity of this person is unbelievable.

Keith Morris Smith was arrested in December of 2019 on multiple charges, including committing a sex crime on a person aged 12 to 16. Keith, 29, is wanted in Clay County for violating the conditions of his release on bond. Deputies say Smith cut off his ankle monitor after being bonded out of the Clay County Jail. More details of the crime here (warning: pedophilic details).

Smith proceeded to start a GoFundMe fundraiser entitled “Trying to be free” under the Dreams, Hopes & Wishes category of the website. He set his donation goal at $2,000 with a quote stating “I’m fundraising to basically live. I was on bond that was revoked over something I never did. Now I’m on the run.” Smith writes that he needs money to flee the country because if he goes back to jail, he believes he’ll die.

No money was raised and the GoFundMe campaign was deleted after three days. It’s unclear if the website took it down or Smith removed it.

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