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Kaylah Blackmon, a missing Wichita teen, was found dead in her gray 2005 Ford Escape early on Thursday morning.

Blackmon, 18, was previously considered to be in danger after her 17-year-old boyfriend, Michael Beasley, was found dead outside of an abandoned church on Monday morning. Police officers had been responding to a shooting call around 9:30 a.m. in a nearby area when a passerby spotted a body on the ground on the northside of the church. The person attempted to help the teen, but found him to be unresponsive and called 911. Because they were nearby, officers arrived quickly and determined that Beasley was dead.

The Wichita Police Department alerted the public to keep an eye out for Blackmon’s Ford Escape and to contact 911 if the vehicle was spotted. However, on Thursday morning, a patrolling police lieutenant discovered Blackmon’s car in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Just like her boyfriend, Blackmon was pronounced dead on the scene.

The investigation is still ongoing and police are still looking for the community’s help in determining what exactly happened to Beasley and Blackmon. Wichita Police urge you to call detectives at (316) 269-4407 or Crimestoppers at (316) 267-2111 if you have any information pertaining to the case or if you saw anything happening in the areas where the bodies were found.

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