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An 11-year-old boy identified his killer after suffering five bullet wounds, dying hours later in emergency surgery in Minnesota.

TeKeith Jones, 26, allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend D’Zondria Wallace, 30, and her two children Saturday. He was charged with three counts of second degree murder Tuesday and faces life in prison.

Authorities responded to a 911 call when a family member found the three victims. D’Zondria was dead on arrival, while her daughter La’Porsha, 14, was fatally wounded. Ja’Corbie, 11, responded “Keith,” when asked the identity of the perpetrator. Paramedics took the boy to Regions Hospital where he died on the operating table.

According to Star Tribune, the police questioned Jones for a motive. Although Jones did not reveal the reason for the attack, he mentioned that he was “saving them.”

“Hell, yeah, I saved them — they can go up and be holy,” he said while allegedly pointing up to the sky. He added that he kissed the three victims. According to WCCO-TV, Jones was going through a troubling time and wanted to “save” others from a similar experience.

Wallace and Jones broke up weeks before the shooting, and Wallace explained to her mother that Jones exhibited violent behavior. According to surveillance footage from a neighboring house, Jones peeked through the kitchen window of Wallace’s home 30 minutes before the family member called 911.

Jones appeared in court Tuesday and his bail is set for $5 million.

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