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Sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexually motivated abductions impact victims to have short-term and long-term mental and/or physical illness. Sexual assault is highly reported on, but kidnapping and sexually motivated abductions are underreported. Victims affected by these crimes are reported to have high levels of PTSD and depressive/anxiety disorders. Due to children being the most susceptible to abductions and kidnapping, there are numerous resources in aiding families and providing children with therapy. Women being most susceptible to sexual assault, there are many national resources to help with prevention and recovery. Resources for those who have been victimized by sexually motivated abductions are almost obsolete, though suggestions for best treatments are cognitive behavioral therapy with approaches of psychodynamic theories. Raising awareness of these crimes will help those who have been victimized regain their mental and physical status before the crime was committed, and provide prevention techniques to reduce victimization of these crimes.

Sexual assault and abduction are not mutually exclusive. Sexual assault can range anywhere from unwanted sexual touching to rape, while abduction has a more defined definition. Abduction is unlawful transportation against someone’s will. When combined, a sexually motivated abduction is an unwilling transport of someone for the purpose of sexually assaulting them. Sexually motivated abductions affect all age groups and cultures. Victims that have been sexually assaulted and/or abducted suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and many other types of mental illness. Most women suffer from sexual assault and most children suffer from abduction, therefore making female children most likely to be a victim of sexually motivated abduction. This crime is extremely underreported because children do not often report misconduct.

The best treatments for people who have either been sexually assaulted and/or abducted are to use cases of cognitive-behavioral therapy or experimental therapies that rely on psychodynamic approaches. These are used to trigger underlying feelings that must be dealt with. Techniques within a psychodynamic approach consist of role play, exposure, and music which could surface underlying emotions. Additionally, cognitive behavioral therapy is used to replace behaviors and feelings that restrict a person’s way of living with those that normalize or enhance their lives. Another important aspect to help those that have been victimized by these crimes is the support of family and friends. Having a support system after being victimized helps with maintaining social activity, as well as reduces depression and anxiety.

Although the victim profile of abduction and/or sexual assault is made up of females, the reality is that crime happens randomly and to anyone, regardless of precautions. A victim’s mental state, behaviors, physical state, financial state, thoughts, feelings, and other aspects of life will change immensely after they have been victimized. Though little is known about abduction and sexually-motivated abductions, it does not mean that it does not exist. Providing resources for victims and raising awareness of these crimes can help those that have been victimized to regain their self-worth and help them take their life back.

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