Ex-Cop Charged with Andre Hill Murder


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Adam Coy, a former Columbus police officer, is indicted for the murder of Andre Hill, a 47-year-old Black man, on December 22 2020.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced the formerly accused Coy’s prosecution during a press conference on February 3. Earlier that night, police arrested Coy at his attorney’s office.

Police charged Coy with murder in the commission of a felony, felonious assault, and dereliction of duty. During the early-morning encounter in Hill’s residential garage in December, Coy failed to activate his body camera or tell his fellow officer that he believed Hill to be a danger. But, the jury did not indict Coy for purposeful murder.

The shooting occurred after a neighbour reported a person repeatedly starting and stopping an SUV in the early hours of the morning. The look-back feature on Coy’s deactivated body camera showed Coy approach Hill as he stood inside a garage. Hill walked towards Coy with a phone in his hand. Coy then responded by shooting at the victim, before yelling for him to show his hands.

Coy’s fellow officer, Amy Detweiler, claims she heard Coy yell, “There’s a gun in his other hand!”, before Coy fired his weapon. However, authorities found no weapons at the seen. Detweiler told police she did not see a weapon herself.

According to Fox News, Coy reacted with distress and became physically ill after realising he shot an unarmed person. However, Coy’s body camera footage did not show him providing Hill any medical care. Police reports state Coy stood around for over five minutes without rendering any first aid. Police later announced that Hill died of his injuries, with an autopsy report ruling his death as a homicide. Two days after the shooting, Columbus police Chief Thomas Quinlan fired Coy from the Ohio Police Force.

Hill’s family believe the charges against Coy are the first steps to regain justice. Coy will appear in court for his bail hearing later on today. According to CBS News, Coy will plead not guilty to all charges

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