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In the seemingly never-ending battle against the coronavirus, Chinese authorities have found large quantities of milk powder have been contaminated with COVID.


Authorities have discovered the trace amounts of coronavirus originated from a batch of whey protein imported from Ukraine. As of January 18th, it was found that 10 metric tons of the protein has been shipped to a Shandong based company.


The producers of this company manufacture a popular food item called milk-dates, which is a confectionary snack that is composed of milk, dates, and almonds.


Country officials have announced a nationwide search for the 22.22 metric tons of milk-dates sold by the Shandong company by examining thousands of food orders placed on e-commerce sites such as, Alibaba and Pinduoduo. It was found that among the individuals who have handled the shipments or consumed the snacks, hundreds have tested positive for the virus.


Additionally, the same batch of contaminated whey powder was also used to produce ice cream in the northern city of Tianjin this past month. According to VICE News more than 2,000 boxes of unsold ice cream were discarded after traces of the coronavirus was found on three samples.


China accomplished an amazing feat in the latter half of 2020 by almost eradicating domestic transmissions of the virus. However, the country is once again facing a major hurdle in the form of new strains found in the northern region of the country.


In an effort to quell an expected surge of infections, food regulators have temporarily barred exported goods which have had strains of the coronavirus found on them such as Brazilian beef, Russian cod, and pig’s ear from the United States.

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