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Researchers from the Snow Avalanche Simulation Laboratory used Disney’s “Frozen” to solve the infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident.

According to Inside the Magic, Johan Gaume viewed “Frozen” and noticed that the code for the animated snow seemed oddly accurate. After meeting with animators from the movie, Gaume used a simulation to find that the ten victims died from an avalanche.

In 1959, Mikail Sharavin led a search team on a mission to recover ten missing hikers in Russia’s Ural Mountains. They stumbled upon shredded tents and abandoned clothing scattered across the campsite. Bare human footprints led Sharavin his team to the location of the missing hikers.

Over the next few months, all ten bodies of the missing hiking team were found, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The majority of the victims died of hyperthermia, with two men clad in only their undergarments. What baffled medical experts, however, was that at least four had injuries similar to those obtained from a car crash.

Scientists suspected an avalanche as the cause, yet there was no way to prove it. This is because there was little evidence of an avalanche when the rescue team arrived. That, and the lack of technology to accurately simulate it.

Conspiracy theorists suspected everything from aliens and bigfoot to government experiments. However, with the help of “Frozen’s” animation, Gaume was able to prove the scientists’ theory. The simulation showed how the avalanche could have left little evidence of its existence, thus proving that the mystery had a simple answer.

This goes to show the importance of modern technology, and that Disney fans can be the key to solving science’s most baffling cases.

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