Man Charged for Livestreaming Bodies on Instagram


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A California man allegedly livestreamed the dead bodies of two women on Instagram Saturday morning.

According to Fox News, 29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber held a gun near the two unidentified victims. In the 36-minute livestream, Weber reportedly says that the police would arrive soon. One neighbor says that it was “graphic and disturbing.”

“He was messing with two dead bodies. Just saying, ‘They set me up,'” Stewart Mixon told FOX40.

The police responded to a call from a woman around 1:00 a.m. Saturday. The woman viewed the video, saying that a man was armed inside The Rocky Hill Veterans Housing and two women were on the ground, not moving. When the police arrived, Weber barricaded himself in the apartment and refused to cooperate. The police tasered Weber and arrested him after an eight-hour standoff.

Weber faces additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery.



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