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Police charged former Major League Baseball pitcher, Scott Erickson, with reckless driving in connection to a hit-and-run in Southern California.

Los Angeles District Attorney says Erickson is charged in connection to the deaths of two boys last year. Erickson played in the MLB between 1991 to 2006; he spent six seasons with the Minnesota Twins and a further seven seasons with the Baltimore Orioles.

According to ESPN, Erickson was racing with Rebecca Grossman on September 29th 2020. Grossman struck and killed Mark Iskander, 11, and his 8-year-old brother, Jacob whilst they crossed the street in Westlake village. Police reports state the boys were with their parents as they crossed the street on a marked crosswalk. Mark Iskander died at the scene, whilst police pronounced his younger brother dead later at a hospital.

Prosecutors allege that Grossman continued driving. She eventually stopped over a quarter of a mile from the scene.

Grossman, 57, pleads not guilty to all charges: murder, vehicular manslaughter, and a hit-and-run. All charges carry the penalty of 34 years to life. Grossman is free on $2 million bail.

Police arrested Grossman the day of the accident, then charged her on December 30th 2020. It is unclear why police arrested the two drivers four months apart.

Erickson will appear in front of court on March 16th.


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