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In the latest of a string of kidnappings, an armed men abducted eight children and two adults from an orphanage in Nigeria’s federal capital this past Saturday, January the 23rd. Most recognize this as a normal occurrence in the country.


Board member Alaje Odewu has stated that the kidnappers have threatened to lay “waste” to the children unless a 10-million-naira ($26,230 USD) ransom is paid. Unfortunately, the orphanage does not have the money to pay the abductors and they ask the people to pray for the safe return of the children.


Odewu added of the gunmen, “(They were) wielding their rifles at the kids, they selected the older ones, and took them away along with their matron who was carrying a less than 1-year-old baby and another adult worker.” per CNN.


Eventually, the matron along with the baby and another girl were released. Their captors taunted the poverty of the orphanage and their inability to pay off the ransom.


Katsina State, located in northwestern Nigeria, has seen an epidemic of abduction that has not been previously recorded. In 2014, there was a kidnapping of 276 girls, 100 which never returned home. A similar incident occurred this past December, again in Katsina State. The victims were missing for a week until the Nigerian military intervened.


The COVID-19 epidemic has only spurred on the criminal activities in an already war-torn country. There are reports that even the government has seemingly given up on its citizens and indulging in the misfortunes of the broken system.


If you would like to gain more insight on the current situation in Nigeria, the following link provides a positive perspective from a man who still holds hope for his country. The video created by YouTuber Atomic Shrimp (a UK native) was produced to raise more awareness and break the stereotypes that we often see in Nigerian culture.

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