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Around 7 p.m. Saturday night, a crowd of around 100 people congregated to spectate several street racers performing in the downtown of Tacoma.

When a police SUV arrived to break up the gathering, the crowd began to surround the vehicle. In a panic, the officer decided his best course of action was to drive directly into the group of civilians.

Several videos, which have since been shared on social media, depict how the officer runs over an unsuspecting bystander.  Before continuing, hitting a number of other individuals in his path.

The officer defended his violent actions as being necessary due to the perceived aggression exhibited by the crowd. As such he determined that his self-preservation was the most pressing matter at hand and chose to exercise deadly force.

Witnesses to the scene claimed that not only did the officer flee the scene after running down the pedestrian, but said the individual was not provided medical care for nearly a half-hour after being struck.

The officer involved in the incident is being placed on leave, and the case will be handled by the Pierce County Force Investigation Team.

At least two victims of the scene were injured severely enough to warrant medical attention at a nearby hospital.  One of the two has already been released, but the condition of the second individual is unknown at this time.

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