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Hey MMNsters, we have big news: we have expanded into the podcast realm! Our brand new podcast is available for download everywhere you get your podcasts. 

Here we have a little teaser just to give you a little taste of what our podcast is all about so you make sure it’s your jam before you dig in. But if you know MMN, you probably know what you’re in for: a longer look at the latest breaking true crime news stories, and a little quality time with your spooky BFFs, Aurora and Angelina.

The first two episodes are now available, so we’ve got your afternoon planned for you. Head to your preferred platform (you’ll find all the links below), and make sure to follow our show, and download all your fave episodes so we can get feedback from our listeners. 

Thank you so much for your continued support as we explore cool new avenues with Murder Murder News. We can’t wait to hang with you all!

Mark your calendars, you have a new weekly appointment: Friday mornings with Murder Murder News – The Listen Edition.

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