kidnapped foster siblings

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After being kidnapped from their New York foster home on Monday night, Shekeria and Dimitri Cash were found safe in Alabama on Wednesday evening.

The siblings were taken after a pair of men broke into the window of their suburban Greece, New York home. According to local police, the homeowner stated that she had been upstairs with her seven foster children when the two men broke in. Five of the seven children remained upstairs as the woman attended to the situation, including 3-year-old Shekeria and five-year-old Dimitri. After duct taping the woman and two of her foster children downstairs, the men went upstairs and exclusively kidnapped Shekeria and Dimitri. The men fled the scene in the homeowner’s van, but quickly ditched the vehicle at a nearby apartment complex.

Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe said that blood evidence was found at the foster home, which ultimately led investigators to a rental car company in Rochester. Police tracked the rented vehicle all the way to Montgomery, Alabama, where they observed a woman leaving in the car and conducted a stop.

The kidnapped children were found under the backseat floorboard, concealed by a blanket. The woman that was driving the vehicle was taken into custody in Alabama and is currently being questioned.

Forsythe believes that the kidnapping was a “planned, targeted abduction” and has stated that police are still investigating the two men that kidnapped the siblings. The chief also noted that although the siblings have been in the custody of their foster family for two years, their father may have played a role in their kidnapping.

The children’s father, Dimitri Cash, was arrested last January for attempting to forcibly remove his children from school without the consent or the custodial rights of the children. Cash was also accused of striking the school principal with his vehicle before speeding away. He is still facing misdemeanor charges from his 2020 arrest, but his court date has not been set yet due to Covid-19 procedural delays. Police are currently in the process of locating Cash.

“While this is the best outcome that we could ask for, this investigation is far from over,” Chief Forsythe stated. “Every person responsible for this abduction will be sought and apprehended. They will be held responsible for what they did.”

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