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California Border Patrol operating out of the San Francisco International Airport separated a young boy from his brother. 9-year-old, Vladimir Fardin was traveling to California with his older brother, Christian. Christian Laporte, a 19-year-old student at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, was returning to the US after spending time with family in Haiti celebrating the Christmas holidays. The two brothers were traveling with US-issued visas.  Fardin with a tourist visa and Laporte with a student. However, a lack of an I-20 form (proof of full-time admission to a school and could afford to reside in the US) in Laporte’s paperwork caught the attention of immigration authorities. The boys were then detained and stripped of their visas.

Border Patrol investigation determined that Fardin had previously attended elementary school in California on a B-1 tourist visa, which was a violation of its terms. This allegation is in addition to the lack of Laporte’s necessary documentation of his academic admission.

Tuesday morning Laporte was deported to Mexico, expected to then return to the Dominican Republic. Immigration authorities refused to allow Fardin to return home, nor allow his family to come and retrieve him.  Instead, he was handed over to ICE as a non-legally recognized minor.  Fardin has been sent to a shelter in Southern California for unaccompanied migrant children.

Diablo Valley College confirmed that Laporte was enrolled in the fall, and had intending to continue his education during the spring semester.

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