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Sabrina Nguyen was a beloved daughter, sister, and friend to many before being brutally murdered on January 2, 2020 by her ex-boyfriend at the age of only 18-years old. Between the months of April 2019 and December 2019 Sabrina made many pleas for police intervention, filed an Order of Protection and an Intimidation Report, and repeatedly told officers that her life was at risk, yet the Memphis Police Department failed her, as they historically have when dealing with racial-minority women who live in underserved communities experiencing domestic violence.

Sabrina’s case is one of many in domestic violence situations with minorities where the police do not take it seriously enough. There is a petition demanding change for those who have been victimized like Sabrina by law enforcement. This petition states six changes or reinforcements that should be put in place. Among those are “Notification systems must be put in place which automatically notifies domestic violence victims when their arrested aggressor becomes eligible to post bond or is released” and “Demand that officers have ongoing education and training of the unique realities, difficulties, and needs of racial-minority women in underserved communities experiencing domestic assault.”

You can click on the link above to sign the petition.

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