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Human remains found in Fairfield, California, were identified as Zach Rose, an engineer who went missing in February 2018.

According to NBC Bay Area, a drone detected clothing and skeletal remains about a mile away from Phil Lasater’s home. Lasater, a San Francisco sheriff department supervisor and Rose’s boyfriend, is the prime suspect.

Rose, then 28, was reported missing by Lasater Feb 4. Lasater claimed that Rose left his house around 10 p.m. the night before. He abandoned his cell phone, wallet, keys and white pickup truck. Lasater called the police 17 hours later.

According to his mother, Rose was not someone to leave behind his cell phone and vanish. Upon investigating the disappearance of Rose, police recalled the unexpected death of Lasater’s husband in 2012. Bill Volkl, 41, apparently died in his sleep. Yet, the county medical examiner was unable to determine the actual cause of death. Volkl was obese and suffered heart problems, but because of a neck injury, foul play was suspected.

Two months before Volkl died, he was admitted to the NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield for numerous injuries. Doctors suspected domestic violence and notified authorities. However, both Volkl and Lasater refused to cooperate with investigators, and nothing came of the matter.

Lasater was questioned in 2018 as a person of interest in the death of Volkl and the disappearance of Rose. However, police were not able to rule him out as a suspect. Lasater’s home and the surrounding area were searched  back in 2018, but nothing was found.




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