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This past Monday on January 18, 2021, 23-year-old Florida native Victoria Strauss became a victim of a gruesome occurrence.  Strauss’s head became seized between her car and a payment machine in a parking garage.


Per the Columbus Dispatch, authorities responded to the scene at 5:40 am on Tuesday morning, where security personnel called in the accident. According to a statement from the Columbus Police Department, the incident took place around 11:27 pm on Monday.


Footage from the security cameras show the victim Victoria Strauss, attempting to exit the lot where she dropped her credit card while trying to make the payment. As Strauss opened the door to reach for her card her foot had tragically hit the accelerator. The car then crashed into the payment kiosk, taking her head between the car door and its frame, Police pronounced her dead at the scene.


Strauss was a graduate student at Ohio State University.

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