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Aditya Singh was arrested on Saturday morning for allegedly living inside a restricted area of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for three months.

Singh, 36, arrived in the airport on October 19 on a flight from Los Angeles. However, the fear of catching Covid-19 kept the man from returning home. Instead, he settled into an airport terminal for three months and subsisted off of food provided by strangers.

The California native was finally discovered after two United Airlines employees asked to see his identification. Upon showing them his ID, the employees recognized the badge to belong to an operations manager that had reported the item missing back in October.

Singh is currently facing misdemeanor theft charges as well as felony charges of criminal trespass in a restricted area of an airport. Although his bail is set at $1,000, he is prohibited from returning to the airport and would not be able to return home via O’Hare.

During Singh’s hearing on Sunday, Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz was puzzled by the possibility that an individual could remain undetected for so long in a presumably secure area.

“The court finds these facts and circumstances quite shocking for the alleged period of time that this occurred,” Ortiz lamented. “Being in a secured part of the airport under a fake ID badge allegedly, based upon the need for airports to be absolutely secure so that people feel safe to travel, I do find those alleged actions do make him a danger to the community.”

Singh is due back in court on January 27.

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