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It was around midnight when I was looking for something to cure my boredom. I was looking for stories on Ted Bundy, as I had just watched the Ted Bundy movie with Zac Efron (my #1 man-crush), and wanted to know more. That’s how I first stumbled onto The Infographics Show on YouTube. They have an array of stories about the lives and crimes of famous serial killers, as well as videos on aliens and medieval torture weapons. It was one of my most fascinating discoveries, and I still watch it to this day. They constantly upload new content that makes me instantly want to watch. I become extremely excited when I see a new video posted that I find interesting, which is almost always.

The infographics show is all animated. Their style of animation is pleasing to the eye and can be quite comedic. The infographics team really does their research; all the stories and tales they tell are detailed to the point where it’s intriguing and not dull. They also have plenty of content to binge on- I still haven’t watched all the videos that I want to watch from them.

Here are a few playlists that I think you’ll enjoy:

The Serial Killer Playlist

Worst Ways to Die

Death Row Stories

Crime Playlist

Horror and Suspense Playlist

Worst Punishments and Torture Methods of Mankind

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