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True Crime Mad Libs

Take a break and fill out this wild Mad Libs story— you might just find that the truth is stranger than fiction!

It Pays To Be A Fan

In ______ (year), ______  (country of origin) author ______ (full name; A), was nominated for the

______  (adjective) ______  (name) award for the most ______ (adjective) crime novel of the year.

Their best-selling book, ______  (book title) told the story of a ______ (adjective) ______

(occupation), ______ (full name) and their ______  (adjective) sidekick, ______ (nickname). The

______ (adjective) duo worked together to solve the toughest cold cases in their city, including

the infamous case of the ______ (city; A) ______ (crime; A). The ______ (adjective) criminal had

claimed a total of ______  (number) victims during the height of their ______ (crime) spree (that’s

______  (number) ______  (noun) per year!). When ______  (full name; A) arrived at the awards

conference, they were ______  (verb; past tense) with ______  (adjective) ______  (noun) and

were surrounded by ______  (number) of ______  (plural noun) as they walked through the

auditorium lobby. ______  (full name; B), a real-life ______  (adjective) ______  (occupation)

themselves at ______ ‘s (city; B) ______ th (number; A) Precinct, ______ (verb; past tense) their

way to the front of the throng in an effort to get a word with the ______ (adjective) author.

______  (first name; B) thought that ______‘s (full name; A) book closely ______  (verb) a case of

their own and called up their colleagues at the ______ th  (number; A) Precinct. They ______

(verb; past tense) them to look into the best- selling author. When their colleagues finally

______  (verb; past tense) back during the middle of the author’s book reading, ______  (first

name; B) was ready to make an arrest— ______  (full name; A) was the ______  (city; A) ______

(crime; A)! As it turned out, ______  (full name; A) was the ______  (noun) person to see the

______  (adjective) victim, ______  (full name, C), alive just a few ______ (measurement of time)

prior to the event and could even be traced to the sales of ______ (number) ______  (plural

noun) belonging to different victims. The police arrested the author directly after the ______

(adjective) event, and ______  (full name; A) was eventually charged with ______  (number)

counts of first-degree ______  (crime), second-degree ______ (crime), and ______  (crime) and

were sentenced to ______  (number) years in ______  (noun)!

The True Story Behind The Mad Libs

This Mad Libs story is brought to you by Polish novelist Krystian Bala! In 2003, Bala published his debut novel Amok about a group of sadists who openly recounted their murderous exploits and taunted police with information on a pertinent cold case. However, after the subject matter of his novel bore a striking resemblance to the mysterious death of Polish businessman Dariusz Janiszewki, Bala was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in jail.

The author, 34, wrote about the torture and subsequent murder of a woman whose hands were bound behind her back with a cord that was also looped around her neck. Janisewski, who went missing in 2000, was found by fisherman in a river roughly four weeks after he disappeared. Just like Bala’s “fictional” victim, the businessman had been tortured and bound with a cord that looped around his neck like a noose.

Despite ample attempts to find Janiszewki’s murderer, the police failed to make progress in their investigation and the case went cold. In 2005, two years after Bala’s book was published, Polish police received an anonymous tip about the suspicious contents of the book.

After looking deeper in the author’s past, it was later revealed that Janiszewski had been romantically involved with Bala’s ex-wife and that Bala was the last person to see him alive. Bala also sold his victim’s cellphone on an internet auction site four days after Janiszewski disappeared. Once the police were able to gather enough evidence against the new author, they arrested him. Although Amok turned out to be a best-seller in Poland, Bala’s case has proven that the truth really is stranger than fiction!

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