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On December 30, George Nkencho was killed by the Irish Police Force. Allegedly armed with a knife, gardaí deemed Nkencho a threat. After attempts to pepper spray and taser Nkencho failed to subdue him, gardaí opened fire. Gardaí shot George Nkencho six times.  Five in the torso and one in the arm, killing the 27-year-old man outside his west Dublin home.

At the time of his death, Nkencho did not appear to be attempting to engage with the authorities.  Instead, he had tried to enter his home, at which point authorities fired.  Three of Nkencho’s siblings were present in the house during the occurrence.  Nkencho’s sister even opened the door and attempted to peacefully negotiate the situation.  Nkencho’s family expressed that he suffered from mental health problems.  When the gardaí fired upon Nkencho, they did so with the knowledge that his innocent family members might get caught in the crossfire.  As such, the gardaí’s violent response was cruel, excessive, and unnecessary.

Fictitious posts and slander regarding Nkencho have been circulating in the time following his death.  Many of these posts are racially charged, with the intent to cause harm by calling him a criminal, thus justifying his death.  Such lies have been proven to be falsehoods.  Unsurprisingly, racial tensions are extremely strained in Ireland due to the backlash resonating from the event.  An ongoing campaign demanding justice for Nkencho has developed.

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