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Paniqui, Tarlac Philippines – December 20, 2020 a chilling exchange gone deadly was captured on video between Police Officer Jonel Nuezca and his neighbors Sonya Gregoria, 52, and her young son Frank Anthony Gregorio, 25. Both Sonya and Frank Gregorio were shot at close range during an alteration between Jonel and Frank. Sources claim there was a long-standing feud between both the families leading up to the violent confrontation according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer. With this latest, and final altercation stemming from an argument over a holiday noise maker per ABS-CBN news.


Once the video went viral there was an outcry from the public to take action against Nuezca and a plea for police reform, which has sadly echoed police counterparts in the United States in most recent years. Nuezca turned himself into the authorities hours after the killings. He has since been dismissed from the police force and has entered a “not guilty” plea as of his January 7th arraignment. Family members of the Gregorio’s have confirmed witnesses to testify against the disgraced Nuezca. Per Lieutenant Colonel Soledad Elifanio, a public information officer of the Police Regional Office, Nuezca is awaiting his next hearing on February 4, 2021 where he will be tried for two counts of murder.



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