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TW: Rape

Lisa Montgomery was scheduled to be executed on December 8, 2020. However, her two lawyers caught COVID-19, and the execution was pushed to a later date, possibly into the start of President-elect Joseph Biden’s presidency. Biden’s position is to end federal capital punishment while Trump and his administration’s position, specifically on Lisa Montgomery, is that “she is such a cold-hearted murderer that even being locked up for the rest of her natural life would be insufficient punishment.”

The Trump administration is pushing her execution date to be within 7 days. Trump is also rushing the execution of three other prisoners in some sort of dramatic finale of his presidency.

Lisa Montgomery is a victim of extreme sexual violence, noting her earliest experience as being raped by her father and his friends and being sold into prostitution by her mother. She inevitably suffered from traumatic brain injury and mental illness—more on her personal life here.

The reason Lisa Montgomery is on death row is due to a crime she committed in 2004. Her crime was the strangulation of a pregnant woman then cutting out the 8-month-old baby to pass as her own. While this is a heinous criminal act, it is a fact that Lisa is not of the right mind. Protestors of her execution believe that she has been through a torturous past and is in dire need of therapy and rehabilitation.

Out of 14 other cases in which a woman killed a pregnant woman with the intent of taking the unborn child, only one was sentenced to death, and that sentence was later commuted to life. Additionally, Texas has not executed a woman in 70 years. The fact that Lisa is being put for execution when so many others have done the same as she and not receive capital punishment is strange and shows just how divided and unbalanced America’s legal system is. It is also strange how a person’s life and execution are being used as a political statement during this time.

I leave you with this: Both her life and the crime she committed was tragic; should her death be as well?

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