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Hmmm… What does Hannibal rhyme with? 

Hannibal, a TV show you can find all three seasons of on Netflix, is based on Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon novel. The story contains an empathetic FBI Professor, Will Graham, who catches a killer by reliving the crime scene. However, this show takes a unique twist in having Will step into the killer’s role in these revisions. Despite the odd behavior, he is significant in creating a profile of different killers with FBI Agent Jack Crawford and the forensics team. 

Will Graham seems to be the main character, although I would argue that there are two. Will Graham is ordered to go to therapy as he starts spiraling from reliving the gory crime scenes and getting too entangled in the killers he portrays. Thus, Hannibal Lecter is introduced as a psychiatrist and helps Will be the better version of himself. However, Hannibal’s curiosity leads to a different perception of a “better version” of Will. Hannibal is another main character in this story and becomes evidently so in Season 3 (other than his name being the title of the show).

It is safe to say that this is one of the goriest showcases I have ever seen. From the elegantly prepared meals made of human remains to a human totem pole, there is no lack of surprise factors. That being said, while this show has its action scenes, it mostly focuses on psychological concepts and can be dull at times. You may have to power through a few episodes to get to the good stuff.

I began watching this show because I was interested in the psychological components of working with the FBI (also because it was only three seasons and I was on winter break from college). If you’re looking for a quick show to fill that murder mystery craving, this is the one! However, if you get queasy at the sight of blood, I would not recommend this show. The trailer does the show justice, so definitely give it a watch if you’re interested!

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