Designer is Given 9 Months of Solitary Confinement for Fashion Show


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Rashod Stanley is being punished with nine months of solitary confinement for hosting a prison fashion show. In a now viral video, an incarcerated Stanley displays several of his designs as worn by fellow inmates.  Stanley is the founder of the Trenches line, a brand he hopes will “inspire others to make something out of nothing and reach their full potential without making excuses.”

In an update to Stanley’s Instagram account, his mother shared:

“My son was moved from Calhoun State Prison and is currently being held in solitary confinement on Tier 2 at Macon State Prison for ‘the prison fashion show video’ that went viral I posted on 12/3/20. These same clothing was posted in another video 3/19/20 which he had already been disciplined for. He did 30 days in solitary confinement for it.”

Stanley is charged with alleged “attempt to aid in escape” as well as “altering state property” violations.  These accusations are a response to Stanley’s incorporation of dental floss and paper clips into his designs.  In accordance with these claims, the duration of Stanley’s punishment is nine months of solitary confinement.

A petition created by Stanley’s mother objects to the “attempt to aid and escape” charge directed at her son. In his defense, she declares “The only thing my son is guilty of is altering state property and being overly ambitious and zealous in his efforts to rehabilitate himself so that he may become an asset rather than a liability to himself his family, and his community.”

Along with the petition, a gofundme has also been created to support the continued development of the Trenches fashion line.

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