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Thanks to Covid-19, tame is the name of the game for this New Year’s Eve! Instead of partying with your friends and ringing in the new year with a kiss from a stranger, you’re likely going to be socially distancing at home.

However, after a look at these top five worst New Year’s Eve’s of all time, maybe staying inside isn’t such a bad idea after all.

5. The New Year’s Visit From a Naked President

naked man alabama new year's eve
The naked intruder

In 2018, an Alabama couple received a surprise visit from a naked man wearing nothing but a Ronald Regan rubber mask over his head a sock covering his genitals on New Year’s Eve. The man had creeped into the breezeway of the couple’s home and was skulking around in the dark before Bart Yancey, the homeowner, caught him. The nude man ran off and was never found. Bart’s wife, Danielle Yancey, posted the home security footage of the man on her Facebook as a warning to her neighbors.

According to Vestavia Hills police Lt. Kevin York, there had been a previous report of a teenaged streaker in a nearby neighborhood. The streaker was not located, but a potential connection to the incidences was suspected.

4. New Year’s Crowd Management

Robert Meszaros new year's eve
Robert Meszaros

During a 2016 New Year’s Eve celebration in Daytona Beach, Florida, Robert Meszaros stabbed three people while navigating a crowd outside of a populated bar. Per tradition, Daytona Beach’s Main Street shuts down during the town’s New Year’s Eve celebration so that partygoers can safely bar hop without the added obstacle of motor vehicles. However, irregardless of safety, Meszaros, 32, attempted to manage the crowded street outside Full Moon Saloon with a pocketknife. Fortunately, the three people that he stabbed (including his fiancee) were left with non-life-threatening wounds.

Although Meszaros ran from the crowd, police chased him down and arrested him several blocks away from Main Street. He was charged with three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

3. New Year’s Love Triangle Gone Wrong

hareth hameed new year's eve
Hareth Hameed

On New Year’s Eve in 2016, 20-year-old Matthew Webster was found dead inside a vehicle at a convenience store in Oklahoma City. According to police, Webster had gotten into an altercation with 18-year-old Hareth Hameed just before his death. Deleted text messages that were retrieved from Hameed’s phone revealed that the young man had a conversation with Victoria Smith, 19, about shooting Webster just before the deed was officially done. After the murder, Hameed allegedly texted Smith that he had shot Webster and Smith replied, “I hope you hit him.”

Local police stated that Smith was Hameed’s ex-girlfriend and that she was the reason that he and Webster had been fighting. Thus, Smith was considered an accessory to the felony and was set to face punishment for her involvement in Webster’s murder.

2. New Year’s Stampede

shanghai stampede new year's eve
The massive crowd just before the stampede, New Year’s Eve 2014

In 2014, a massive crowd gathered at the riverfront promenade in Shanghai, China to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a dazzling light show. However, due to a lack of official updates, nearly 310,000 people showed up for a show that had been cancelled earlier that day. When a huge crowd of people attempting to leave the riverfront promenade on a staircase clashed with a large crowd trying to reach the landmark, a deadly stampede ensued. The New Year’s Eve stampede killed 36 people and injured 49— three of which remained in serious condition in the hospital several days after the incident.

According to investigators, the stampede was “totally preventable” and was the result of ill-preparation and mismanagement on the part of local officials. As a result, three top district officials in Huangpu were fired, and a total of 11 officials faced punishment for their role in the incident.

1. New Year’s Nagging Remedy

christian gomez new year's eve
Christian Gomez

On New Year’s Eve in 2014, Christian Gomez grew frustrated with his mother for “nagging” him to move boxes around the house and beheaded her with an ax in her Oldsmar, Florida home. The 23-year-old told Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri that he had felt resentment toward his mother because he thought that she favored his older brother over him. As a result, Gomez  planned the murder and attacked his mother in the garage, striking her with an ax repeatedly until her head was severed from her body. Afterwards, he dumped her head in a trash can outside of the garage and peddled away on a bicycle.

Gomez’s brother called 911 shortly after the murder and Gomez was taken into custody just a few blocks away from his mother’s home. Gomez was charged with first-degree murder the next day.

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