Mother arrested for 2003 murder of newborn twins

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A cold case is solved after more than 17 years of being in the dark when police arrested Antoinette Briley, 41, of Holland, Michigan, on Friday. She is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of her newborn twin sons.

It all started to unravel in 2018 when police were finally able to arrest the golden state killer. According to CBS Chicago, investigators decided to reopen the case after their success with DNA technology that made it possible for officials to identify the golden state killer after so many years.

This was the break that investigators needed to locate 41-year-old Antoinette Briley of Holland, Michigan. So, what did they use to get her DNA? It was a cigarette that she had thrown away.

Officials waited for her to throw away her cigarette so they could swipe it for DNA. According to Chief of Public Safety Leo Schmitz of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to positively identify her as the biological mother of the newborn twins found in a garbage can 17 years ago.

MSN reports that this was all the evidence police needed to take Antoinette in for custody during a traffic stop in Illinois. After police interviewed her, she finally admitted that she had given birth to her newborn twins alone in her grandfather’s house.

She then decided to take her newborns to the hospital and placed them inside a duffel bag. On her way there, she realized that no one knew about her pregnancy, and no one will ever have to know about her giving birth.

So, instead of going to the hospital, she stopped at a random garbage can, put her newborn sons inside, and left. When she returned home, she disposed of the duffel bag, watched tv, and then went to sleep.

CNN reports that both were still alive when their mother left them for dead. Unfortunately, they died from asphyxiation.

According to MSN, Antoinette was living with her 12-year-old daughter at the time of her arrest. She appeared in court on Saturday for a bond hearing that is set at $150,000.


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