Police search for unknown man who gave missing Esther Dingley a lift

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Police are searching for an unknown man who gave hiker Esther Dingley a lift down the mountains three days before she went missing on November 22. Esther, 37, was reported missing on November 25, days after she last texted a picture of the 8,983 ft Pic de Sauvegarde mountain to her boyfriend, Dan Colegate, on the border of France and Spain.

According to The New York Times, Esther had been on a month-long solo hike while her boyfriend stayed at a farm in Gascony, France. While search crews have continued looking for the missing hiker in the French mountains, authorities now believe that she has gone missing for other reasons, including foul play.

While they have not ruled anything out yet, rescue teams with drones, helicopters, and dogs are now convinced that she did not disappear on the French mountains, reports The Sun. The investigation into Esther’s disappearance starts getting more mysterious as police have begun searching for an unknown hiker who gave Esther a lift.

Officials confirmed this through her Facebook post on November 19. She stated that bad weather forced her to change her plans and accepted a ride from a mysterious hiker to help her head back down the valley where she had parked her camper van.

According to The Sun, officials believe that the man must have dropped off Esther in the Spanish town of Benasque. However, police have only found her abandoned vehicle in the same town where she first started her month-long journey.

MSN reports that authorities are now searching for this unknown hiker who is believed to be the last person to see Esther Dingley alive before she went missing. She was last seen wearing black and pink mountain clothes the day of her disappearance.

As of today, the investigation is ongoing.


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