Dr. Saukin missing body found

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The body of a missing New York doctor, Tamara Saukin, was found in the pond of a Staten Island park on Wednesday morning.

Dr. Saukin disappeared around 6:30 a.m. on November 18 while on a walk with her mother at Clove Lakes Park. After the two parted ways, Dr. Saukin stayed in the park to complete another lap but went missing shortly thereafter.

The Police Department has been combing through the park for weeks, utilizing NYPD divers, drones, and even searching for possible video evidence that would lend a little insight into her disappearance. On December 2, an NYPD canine caught the scent of a decomposing body and led the police to a large pond in the park.

According to SILive.com, investigators are “fairly sure” that the body found in the pond is Dr. Saukin, especially based on the notion that the deceased was a white female wearing clothing that matched Dr. Saukin’s description. Investigators stated that there did not appear to be any external injuries or immediate signs of foul play, but the cause of death must be determined by New York’s medical examiner.

Dr. Saukin recently changed the status of her job to “self-employed” on Facebook, citing “unforeseen circumstances” and “family issues” as the cause.  It remains unclear if Dr. Saukin’s career change played in a role in her disappearance and subsequent death.

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