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The holidays around the corner and COVID is still preventing us from meeting up with our loved ones. Despite this, we came up with a guide full of ideas on having a holiday murder mystery party!

  1. Spooky Playlist: Make a spooooky holiday playlist and have your friends add songs. You can do this by using Spotify or Pandora. A party is not complete without some background music!
  2. Invitations: Take some time to design a really cool evite for everyone attending and email it to them! It’ll not only get you in the spirit but everyone else as well. You can use websites like Canva or Crello to design really bright and fun invitations.

Now that you have the basics taken care of, here’s a bunch of virtual murder mystery parties you can host with!

  • Murder Mystery Zoom Parties by Detective Ness
    • This game is described as the most hands-off and stress-free game for your party. There’s a whole list of professional actors that will host the game for you over Zoom, leaving you and your friends to just enjoy the night. murder mystery zoom parties hosted by detective ness
  • Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries
    • Originally known for in-person experiences, they have since moved online for the pandemic. There are four storylines to choose from— Murder in the West Wing (6 players), Mafia (7 players), Western (10 players), and That Show About Love (10 players).  The perk is you don’t have to run the party, they will do it for you in a private video chat.
    • Price: $30 per personhigh angle view of dead woman on floor with cordon tape at home
  • Murder on the Ghost Train
    • Don Breathin, owner of theme park “The Frightening Fair” was found dead! Everyone is a suspect. This game is a downloadable script.
    • From $30.79

train on train tracks in dilapidated industrial city

  • An Isolated Case
    • This is a small murder mystery game, meant for 4-6 adults. Together you will collaborate to solve which resident killed their neighbor.
    • From $30.79

an isolated case

  • Hunt a Killer
    • Do you guys need a case that will last more than one month? Well, this game is a long-running mystery. Each month the company sends you clues, both physical and digital. Simply set up a recurring meeting with your friends!
    • From $30 per month

cordon tape on a crime scene

  • Murder in Dreary Hollow
    • This game is a two-hour-long challenge (4-10 people) to find the person who murdered Leota Xavier in the Dreary Hollow.
    • $42.95

private eye

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