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You or someone you love is a true crime enthusiast and would like to have a spookier holiday season.  We want to help!  We have created a BIG guide to having your best true crime holiday season ever.  From gift guides to holiday mystery books and the best holiday themed true crime podcast episodes, we’ve got you covered.

True Crime Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: 7 BIPOC Murderino Makers

If you’re unsure of what to get that true crime enthusiast in your life, we’ve got you covered with some incredible BIPOC murderino makers!  It’s never been more important to help support BIPOC businesses, and especially in the wake of COVID, small businesses need extra help from all of us this holiday season.  Not all of these shops are specifically true crime related, but they are all made by members of the true crime community, and made by murderinos for murderinos!

True Crime Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: 11 LGBTQIA Murderino Makers

VicKnacks' homemade products

Let’s be honest, the holidays are a financial struggle even without a pandemic, so it’s essential to spend paychecks wisely during this holiday season. Give back to communities by purchasing high-quality and one-of-a-kind products from local businesses. The following are both LGBTQIA and locally-owned shops, and are all in the true crime community! Shop local, help support LGBTQIA businesses, and let your true crime-loving friend know their gift was made by a murderino for a murderino!


MurderMurder News Holiday Murder Merch

It’s okay to get in the holiday spirit, even if you are a spooky bitch!  We are doing the holidays up with a little true crime flair!  Check out our new line of holiday murder merch designed and handmade by our very own Angelina!  These shirts are all custom made, so if you would like to order a size or cut of a shirt other than what is pictured, just let us know.  Keep in mind that if it’s a difficult cut or size to track down, it may take us a little longer than normal to get shipped.


Etsy Gift Guide For True Crime Fans

the husband did it wine glass etsy

Although the concept of time is feeling more abstract than usual (thanks a lot, Covid-19), the season of gift giving is fast approaching and your true crime pals deserve the best trinkets that Etsy can provide! But what if your friends are a unique bunch with very particular tastes? Have no fear, this gift guide is sure to satisfy each and every one of the true crime lovers in your life.

Amazon Gift Guide for True Crime Fans

Amazon Prime and MMN have all of your bases covered — I’m talking cozy essentials, spooky page turners, and fun games that the whole family can enjoy (well, not the whole family)!

True Crime Holiday Guide: 8 Christmas Movies to Watch at Home for a Spooky Holiday

Ahh! The End of 2020 is almost coming to a close! While Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidaysChristmas tops it off! Although this has been a tough year, spending time with family at home, opening up presents, and watching movies all day is the hallmark of what Christmas is all about. However, if your Christmas spirit likes to be on the more spooky/funny side, I have got you covered with a variety of flicks anyone can enjoy on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon! So, here are the top eight Christmas movies that you and your family can watch.

True Crime Holiday Guide: MMN Winter Watch Guide

This winter feels colder and darker than ever, with many of us on some version of lockdown and unable to celebrate the holidays and the new year in-person with friends and family. We know you’ll likely spend a little extra time chilling at home alone this season, and we’ve got your watch list covered! From recent true crime docs you might have missed, to offbeat and spooky holiday classics — click to read our favorites.

True Crime Holiday Guide: 10 Mystery and Horror Books to Read this Christmas

True Crime Holiday Guide: Christmas Crimes Podcast Episodes

It’s okay to be spooky and want to get a little festive!  We’ve put together a list of our favorite true crime podcast episodes that cover holiday crimes from murder to heists to listen while you wrap presents and decorate the tree!  We’ve made it even easier by making a Spotify playlist

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