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A Trump supporter accused of breathing on anti-Trump protestors was charged with misdemeanor assault on Sunday.

Kathy Beynette and her friend were protesting President Trump outside of the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia on Saturday when a counter-protestor crossed the street to antagonize them.

According to Beynette, the man “quite out of nowhere [. . .] came charging across the street.” He was wearing a Trump t-shirt and a pool floatation device emblazoned with a blow-up figure of the president around his waist.

Beynette captured a video of the Trump supporter as he berated her and her companion. In the video, a woman can be heard warning the man that, “you’re in my face and you don’t have a mask, so you need to back off.” Instead, the man inhaled deeply and blew into the women’s faces, which is against Covid-19 safety protocol. 

After the video circulated on social media, several members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to the authorities on Sunday asking for a full investigation. In response, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a statement saying that because “the incident was not witnessed by law enforcement and the video did not capture the entire interaction, an investigation was conducted on scene.” The two women were also encouraged to seek a warrant through the county magistrate.

The man, 61-year-old Raymond Deskins, was arrested on Sunday after a citizen obtained a warrant via the Loudoun County Magistrate. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office charged Deskins with simple assault (misdemeanor) and released him on summons.

“He just proceeded to assault us by taking a deep breath and doing a very powerful exhalation on both of us,” Beynette recounted. Now, she’s worried that the Trump supporter might get her and her friend sick with Covid-19.

“We’re both senior citizens both close to 70 years old, which puts us in a high-risk category,” she said. “Because of this guy, my family has to cancel the small Thanksgiving that we had planned with just a few people because I might’ve been exposed.”

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