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A suspect has been arrested and charged with the shooting at Sonic Drive-in Saturday night. It killed two people and hospitalized two others, according to police.

Around 9:23 p.m. police in Bellevue, Nebraska got a call about a possible bomb inside a truck in the parking lot of Sonic, according to ABC News. 

“Two victims were transported to the University of Nebraska Medical Center,” the Bellevue Police Department said in its statement. “Two additional victims were determined to be deceased on the scene. The victims will be identified after the completion of appropriate family notifications.”

All the victims were employees at the drive-in: Nathan Pastrana, 22, and Ryan Helbert, 28, died on the scene. Kenneth Gerner, 25, and Zoey Reece Atalig Lujan, 18, were injured, according to ABC News.

Roberto Carlos Silva Jr., 23, was booked at the Sarpy County Jail for two counts of first-degree murder and one count of arson, according to the City of Bellevue PD press release. 

At the time he was arrested, Silva was accused of identity theft. Firearms were found, but at the time it wasn’t clear he was involved in the shooting, according to NBC.


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