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Let’s be honest, the holidays are a financial struggle even without a pandemic, so it’s essential to spend paychecks wisely during this holiday season. Give back to communities by purchasing high-quality and one-of-a-kind products from local businesses. 

The following are both LGBTQIA and locally-owned shops, and are all in the true crime community! Shop local, help support LGBTQIA businesses, and let your true crime-loving friend know their gift was made by a murderino for a murderino!

VicKnacks' homemade products

VicKnacks’ homemade products

1. VicKnacks 

VicKnacks is a business owned by Vic Belegrin selling affordable handcrafted home goods, décor, and accessories. The goods’ homemade feel is both cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

VicKnacks’ products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy. 

Stitch Craft's handmade products
Stitch Craft’s handmade products

2. Stitch Craft Art 

Stitch Craft Art is a shop owned by Gabriella who specializes in hand made spooky-themed stitch art. While the designs are adorable they also have a gothic edge perfect for friends or family with true crime or horror interests. 

Stitch Craft Art’s products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy. 

Lake Side Vinyls' spooky products
Lake Side Vinyls’ spooky products

3. Lake Side Vinyls 

Lake Side Vinyls is a business made by Tiffany Tackette dedicated to true crime enthusiast merchandise. The shop consists mostly of coffee and wine cups with unique, spooky-themed designs. 

Lake Side Vinyls’ products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy.

Lunatic And Tide's products
Lunatic And Tide’s products

4. Lunatic and Tide 

Lunatic and Tide is yet another horror-themed business created by Allison Noir. This shop produces clothing and accessories with dark colors and designs perfect for any gothic fanatic. 

Lunatic and Tide’s products can be viewed on their Instagram: @lunatic_and_tide and purchased on their Etsy.

Cornea Soaps' handmade products
Cornea Soaps’ handmade products

5. Corena Soaps 

Corena Soaps is a soap shop with creative and amazing-smelling goods owned by Nelu Corena. The elegant and bountiful design doubles as a wonderful decoration and useful handwashing service. 

Corena Soaps’ products can be viewed on their Instagram or FaceBook. The products can be purchased from their Etsy or website

Annie Strong Art's prints
Annie Strong Art’s prints

6. Annie Strong Art 

Annie Strong Art is a print shop created by Annie. The prints are mostly portraits of LGBTQIA icons as well as other celebrities. The shop also includes stickers of some designs including the LGBTQIA ones but also of adorable cats.

Annie Strong Art’s products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy

Sent By Anubis' accessories
Sent By Anubis’ accessories

7. Sent By Anubis

Sent By Anubis is a bone accessory shop owned by Axel. Operating as an ethical bone processor and artist, Axel creates various accessories out of animal bones. The bones come plain but are also painted colorfully making for fantastic macabre decorations.  

Sent By Anubis’ products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy

8. Bessie Jane

Bessie Jane makes beautiful jewelry with antique spoons and stones.  If that true crime lover in your life is a bit fancy, or perhaps even a little witchy, this is the perfect shop for you!

Shop Bessie Jane:



TriCauldrons' accessories
TriCauldrons’ accessories

9. TriCauldrons 

TriCauldrons is a trans and disabled owned shop selling brightly colored hair accessories, masks, and fabrics. All products are homemade from unique and attractive print fabrics. 

TriCauldrons’ products can be viewed on their FaceBook or Twitter and purchased on their website

One of Cloth and Oak's products
One of Cloth and Oak’s products

10. Cloth and Oak 

Cloth and Oak is a shop with various products all connected by their nerdy designs owned by Kirkham. The shop has cups, earrings, masks, and other goods with Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, or Bob’s Burgers details.

Cloth and Oak’s products can be viewed on their Instagram and purchased on their Etsy.

One of WaggleNub's decals
One of WaggleNub’s decals

11. Waggle Nub

Waggle Nub is an affordable decal shop owned by Kathleen West with several unique designs. The online shop focuses on its elegant yet simplistic aesthetic with geometric shapes and marble patterns. 

Waggle Nub decals can be purchased on their Etsy.

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