Husband’s fingerprints found on murder weapon


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The fingerprints of William Jeffrey West were found on a bottle of absinthe that prosecutors say he used to kill his wife, according to the New York Post.

West, 47, is accused of killing his wife Kathleen West, 42 who was known as “Kitty Kat West” on an adult subscription site, according to

Kathleen died of blunt force trauma on Jan. 12, 2018. William’s attorney says that the victim was heavily intoxicated and died by accident by hitting her head.

The position of the left thumb and ring finger, according to the analyst, indicated the bottle was held upside down by the bottle’s “throat” instead of the base, according to

Text messages read to the jury indicated there were marriage problems, though William denied anything was wrong.

A ME will testify today at the trial. It is not known yet if William will take the stand.

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